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The Voice of My Servants

The Voice of My Servants

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has another virtual world conference this weekend. Millions around the world will spend ten hours viewing five two-hour sessions on Saturday and Sunday. Those not of our faith might consider this a bit OTT. In fact, even some members find it a bit daunting (as did I, many years ago as a young teenager). At least the speakers only take between ten and twenty minutes each. Back in the mid 19th century it was common for a speaker to speak for hours — sometimes a whole morning or even an entire day! Meetings were often held outdoors and people would bring picnics and make it a family outing.

But consider this: if we discovered that Abraham, Moses and Elijah, with Peter, James and John had returned to earth and would speak to the world on Sunday, we would surely make every sacrifice and overcome every obstacle to tune in. We would tell the amazing news to all our neighbours, friends and family.

Yet that is more or less what will actually happen. We believe that our leaders who speak are literally prophets and apostles who speak for God to the world with exactly the same authority as Moses or Peter. For some of us, sometimes familiarity covers conference with a blanket of ordinariness and priorities become diluted.

Of course in their day, many wouldn’t listen to Moses or Peter, or even Jesus Christ himself, and many of those who listened rejected the doctrine. Hopefully we can do better. In case you may have missed it, you can find details of the conference at this web page:

Where there are links to broadcast times and how to watch.

Some members accept intellectually that the Brethren are prophets, seers and revelators but have difficulty understanding the personal application: we should listen to them and follow their counsel. We can see them as capable Church executives and forget they represent the Great Elohim in what they do and say. Here’s a significant scripture: “Whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants, it is the same” (D&C 1:38)

Oh, we all have our favourite speakers of course. Some are easier to listen to than others, but we should listen to them all. Following Christ involves following his servants. Even when, in fact especially when, we think they’ve got it wrong. Maybe I’ll address another post sometime, on the fact that this applies to local leaders as well. In the meantime:



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