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Relationships & Sex Education Part 3

LGBT topics are a controversial element in Relationships & Sex Education. Here is a summary of some Church teachings concerning LGBT Issues.

  1. We are to love and respect all men and women regardless of race, religion, or sexual preference, since we are all children of the same Heavenly Father.

  2. We strongly uphold the civil rights of all people, including LGBT men and women, who should not be discriminated against because of their lifestyle choices.

  3. We welcome LGBT friends who attend our services or social activities and should make them feel comfortable in our Church community.

  4. Love and friendship does not mean condoning LGBT choices. Our doctrine is clear that an LGBT lifestyle is not acceptable to God and those who engage in homosexual or transgender practices are committing sin. But it is not our responsibility to judge them and denounce them.

  5. LGBT tendencies are not a sin unless acted upon; those with same-sex attraction may receive all the ordinances and blessings of the Church; they may serve missions, officiate in the temple, and receive callings.

  6. Same-sex marriage is sinful and unacceptable to God; we do not ostracise such couples, but their spiritual progress and Church involvement is restricted and they may be subject to Church discipline.

  7. The children of same-sex parents may be blessed and baptised, if the parents agree to the obligations of Church membership for their child.


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