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This message is mainly for those who may have seen one of two of my recent messages in Facebook, and may therefore see this. I’ve also sent it in an email to friends and acquaintances in my address book, old, new, some not heard of for years. Please forgive the intrusion if it’s unwelcome, I’m sure you know where to put trash. We live in an age of information overload and I expect few if any will be interested in another straw from me. In your place, I would not be interested either! Nevertheless:

A stunningly wise, witty, fascinating, insightful (and modest) blog is newly arrived on the block, called “Time To Think”. If you are reading this you may have seen one or two recent posts already since the posts are copied to my Facebook page.

I’ve been planning a website blog for years and finally got around to it. It’s a self-indulgent venture, to help clarify my thinking on almost anything and everything, including matters of faith. So it’s mainly for me — but if you want to join me contemplating the mysteries of the universe and solving the troubles of the world, you’re welcome to read my ramblings.

The Facebook copies are a link back to the website, since Facebook makes a mess of the formatting. At the foot of the website page you can register for a notification when a new message is posted. You can see previous posts by clicking “blog posts” in the top left menu bar of the website.

Website (note a dash, not an underscore between g and m)

Hope life is good for you and you are coping with Covid.

Regards, Craig


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