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A Look Inside the Heart

A Look Inside the Heart

This is the title of Lloyd Newel’s message in “Music and the Spoken Word” today. I was particularly impressed by it, and thought it was worth sharing an extract since most of you don’t watch this Tabernacle Choir broadcast. The final paragraph could be a motto for our ward.

“Walt Bettinger is the CEO of a large international company. He has interviewed hundreds of job applicants over the years. When he was asked how he decides who to hire, he explained that he’s most interested in the character of a potential employee. And how does he determine that from an interview? He said that he sometimes schedules interviews at a restaurant for breakfast. He goes early to the restaurant and asks the manager to make a mistake on the job applicant’s order, promising that he will leave a good tip for making the “mistake.” Bettinger wants to see how applicants respond to other people’s mistakes, how they deal with adversity. Do they become angry and frustrated, or are they understanding and patient?

“That’s an important life lesson—whether or not you’re looking for a job.

“How we respond to mistakes says a lot about who we really are. You might say it offers a look inside our heart. Are we patient when others slip up? And just as important, how do we react to our own mistakes? Are we compassionate with ourselves? Do we bounce back and try again?

“Mistakes, large and small, are part of life—we all make them. So instead of being surprised by mistakes, expect them. Respond with respect, patience, and resilience, not only to others but to ourselves as well. As we do, we’ll have a chance to look inside our heart, and we’ll like what we see.


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